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Lana Parrilla talking about her fans (x)

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"I think we all should always celebrate where we are in that very moment in time. ‘Cause one day you could blink and it could all be gone."

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Emma looking at Regina.

Jen looking at Lana.

I’m fine.

1st rule of the SWEN Club, always reblog JMo looking at Lana.

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Lana assesses Regina’s current situation.

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CPR counts as a kiss right? ;D

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Your admiration for [Regina], has it changed throughout the seasons as she’s gone through, have you sort of changed your opinions of her? [x]

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Prima speravo
di ritornarti in mente
poi mi è passata
la speranza, intendo
adesso ti chiedo
di non ricordare niente
di non pensarmi mai
di non sentire la mia mancanza
guarda, nemmeno per sbaglio
nemmeno di domenica
e se ti venisse voglia di vedermi
bacia un’altra
dille che è bella,
"mamma mia come…

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Eddy says:”True love is when you truly love somebody, and soulmate is the idea that there’s only one person for you.”



So… if Emma’s true love is Hook…there’s a possibility that her soulmate is Regina.

you are completely forgetting that Regina already has a soulmate “or as they put it one true love” and it’s not Emma

I think Eddy has explained that true love and soulmate are two different things!
I’m not ignoring any ship canon, so much so that I wrote that Hook is the true love of Emma.
I just went for exclusion based on what Katsis said about the difference of true love and soulmate.
Excluding Regina and Emma as true love for each other and there being Robin and Hook for they, a soul mate that is a different thing from true love (according to Eddy) for obvious reasons should be for Emma, Regina and for Regina, Emma.
I’m not starting a war, I just expressed opinion.
Peace, think and shipping who the fuck you want.