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staff please delete constable-frozen

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Barbara or Babs Gordon is James Gordons daughter or niece in some variations. The woman in Gotham is James' first wife Barbara Keane. Please tag accordingly.

I did not know!
Thanks for telling me! :)

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I’ve been sober for a year. And I know that doesn’t erase the things that I did.

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BARBARA: You’re lying. But, you know, I guess I should be used to that.
RENEE: True.

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How is it possible that there are not yet post with Renee and Barbara from Gotham?
And as yet there isn’t their acronym?
Fangirls, where are you? C’mon!!

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Two new stills from ‘Breaking Glass’. (Thanks again to FarFarAwaySite!)

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9/? gifsets of regina mills being her gorgeous self
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