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Maura’s despair.

Actually it’s kind of interesting the number of times this has happened. My natural expectation was that we’d see Maura as the damsel in distress tied to the train tracks all the time with big badass Jane coming to save her, but at this point in the game, that’d almost be kind of a plot twist that I’d really like to see. (What was the closest? Dennis?)

Seriously, though. Jane has been in danger so many times that I don’t even find it dramatic anymore. A few seasons ago I may have been screaming just as loud as Maura when Jane tumbled over that railing, but at this point, what’s there to get anxious about? We pretty much know exactly what will happen: she’ll be fine, and there won’t be any lasting consequences.

I want it to be Maura’s turn.

I want this mid-season finale to have Jane fall off the railing, and Maura to be worried for her, only to turn around and find she’s not alone on that bridge. I want the spring opener to have Maura kidnapped by the killer, terrified both for herself and for Jane, because she doesn’t know if Jane survived the fall. And I want Jane fighting nurses in a hospital somewhere because she knows Maura’s in danger but isn’t allowed to go after her.

THAT would be dramatic. And that’s the kind of cliffhanger that would actually have me on the edge of my seat.


I had no idea other people thought this too :D

I’m getting as frustrated as Mama Rizzoli when it comes to Jane being in danger. Like… 😒

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August 31st, 1975: Happy birthday, Sara Elena Ramirez!
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Happy 39th birthday, Sara Ramirez!
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Happy 39th Birthday Sara Ramirez  {August 31, 1975}
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Happy birthday, Sara Ramirez! (inspi)

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Lana Parrilla interacting with fans before ‘Good Morning America’ on March 7, 2014 [x]

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And then I find out the fanfic hasn’t updated for over a year.

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